Open Letter

Dear customers and partners!

Established in 2019 with the desire to develop clean energy resources in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Clean Energy Research and Development Investment Joint Stock Company has successfully installed and put into operation 200+ solar power management systems for households and businesses with a total capacity of 29MWp. Owning the foundation of a well-trained team with experienced managers and high-expertise engineers, our company is steadily improving the financial capacity. Therefore, not only we increase the investment in research and development, but also constantly apply new technologies in the construction, installation, and operation of the system. With that strong capability, we are ready to undertake the construction of large-scale solar projects with a commitment to quality and aesthetics. Aiming towards sustainable development as well as becoming an international-standard and reliable partner for businesses, customers; In the coming time, we hope to continue to cooperate and associate with domestic and foreign businesses, partners, customers in the field of investment, construction of solar energy projects and further.

About us


VrSolar is one of the pioneers in the field of Solar Power for households and businesses in Vietnam. We specialize in providing solutions related to Solar Power including Surveying, consulting, design, construction, and installation, operation, and maintenance as well as financial solutions for customers.


VRSolar aims to create a sustainable business to become a pioneer in the renewable energy (PV) industry in the Vietnam market to bring high-quality solar solutions, reduce CO2 emissions, minimizing environmental pollution, creating a green and clean environment.

VRSolar fulfills its mission with practical and high-quality solutions, technologies, and services to meet the expectations of partners and customers to achieve long-term goals in business strategy.

© Respectful
Respect the laboring values of the team. Respect the values of customers. Respect the values of sustainable cooperation.

© Reliable
By the synchronized cooperation of engineers, supervisors, and contractors who are responsible for construction, in addition to consecutively expertise ability enhancement by cooperating with reputable domestic and global EPC contractors, we are recognized as a reliable enterprise by customers and partners.

© Responsible
Be responsible to customers, the company, and the environment. In accordance with this philosophy, we always dignify the responsibility for every project to create projects which are economically effective and enduring with optimized operation cost

Organizational chart

For VRSolar, the main personnel was the precursor to building value axes for customers, for businesses, and for the community. It is the expertise and professionalism from surveying, planning to implementing, and operating solar power projects. Each project is the crystallization of people and technology to contribute to the formation of sustainable values.

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