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VR SOLAR is orientated towards forming a sustainable developed enterprise that turns into a pioneering icon in the renewable energy field in the Vietnam market. We aim at providing high-quality solar energy solutions, CO2 emission reduction, pollution reduction and creating a hygienic environment.

Our mission is operated by solutions, technology, practical and high-quality services. It is to respond to partners’ and customers’ expectations and achieve long term business strategy.

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Solar power is becoming more and more popular when it meets the following aspects: ENVIRONMENT – TREND – ECONOMY. When owning a solar power system, you will witness the great things it offers.

There is nothing more favorable when the Prime Minister’s open policies encourage the development of solar power in Vietnam.

“Solar power is a promising investment in the future!”


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Nowadays, the photovoltaic (PV) industry has entered a new stage with the development of technology. Remaining the same size, current solar panels have a capacity of more than 600W compared to 130W days ago. Moreover, the current cost of solar panels has reduced to only 50% compared to the past. All of these factors make solar power become one of the most cost-effective energy sources in the field. The prestigious organizations in the world such as Bloomberg NEF New Energy Outlook, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) or Shell, … also forecast that wind and solar power will account for 50% of the generation capacity worldwide by 2050.

Today, the energy industry contributes high value to the economy when keeping the goals of energy saving, environmental friendliness, and CO2 emission reduction. In this scenario, the PV plants will play a central role. This emerging model will open up new opportunities for the deployment of solar power projects. While rooftop solar PV and associated utilities will continue to increase in both size and quantity, PV will act as an integrated element in equipment, applications, solutions to apply in all aspects of life and replace the traditional energy sources.